Once upon a time, there is a special and unique man
That God has created as perfect as He possibly can
Born on the penultimate day of the last month in the year
A steadfast man that walks so tall his heart has no fear
Leading the country as one of Malaysia’s most trusted sons
Winning the hearts of even his foes and almost everyone
Why is he who he is you might pause to ask
Answers flow freely if you examine his amazing past
Chairman of the country’s Institute of Occupational Safety and Health
And heading honorary positions never seeking wealth
From advisory roles to board member in royal commissions
Yet ever humble and never once flaunting his positions
One day he heard the cries of stray cats and dogs
Extending help past humans he decided to slog
So he became the Patron of the Selangor SPCA
Championing the voiceless sentient beings without pay
And what a magnificent difference this man has made
To protect and end cruelty to animals we now see a date
We love, salute and thank you Tan Sri Lam Thye Lee
You are the model human we should all aspire to be
By Chan Mo Lin
Committee Member, SPCA Selangor