Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) with SPCA Selangor

Why should you choose SPCA Selangor for your CSR initiatives?

Our partnership in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) allows you to directly contribute to animal welfare and make a meaningful impact on the community.

  1. Compassionate Impact: Your contribution helps to support and nurture animals, creating a compassionate community where their welfare is a top priority.
  2. Community Engagement: Our programs offer hands-on engagement, allowing your team to actively participate in meaningful activities that align with your CSR goals.
  3. Tax-Redeemable Donations: All cash donations made to SPCA are tax-redeemable, providing a financial benefit while supporting a noble cause.

Join SPCA Selangor to make your CSR initiatives both memorable and meaningful, creating a more compassionate and sustainable future!

CSR Activities

We offer various activities for your CSR initiatives that also benefit SPCA Selangor:

  1. Volunteer: Pet Care Program (PCP)
  2. Fundraising activities
  3. Donation: Monthly Donation, Donation Drive, Contribute to one of our main Projects

We are always open to tailoring initiatives that resonate with your company’s ethos. For detailed information regarding our CSR opportunity, you can refer to our portfolio below.

SPCA CSR Portfolio

To inquire about CSR at SPCA Selangor, please email us at