Privacy Policy


This privacy statement covers all website activity related to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

This privacy statement applies to our main website address: and our associated websites as listed (updated as necessary):
Information you give on these web pages, or associated services offered and accepted, is deemed to have been offered to the SPCA.

Linked websites aren’t covered by this statement, including links to our branches, which are separately registered charities and data controllers.

We ensure your data is kept secure by using up-to-date security features and procedures and we respect the privacy of all visitors to our website.

Data collection

Our website asks for permission before collecting personal information from visitors.

Where appropriate, we explain why we collect this data and how we might use it.

You can opt out of further uses of this information and we will explain what these uses are, where relevant.

Our intention is that all data collection is open and obvious to the site visitor.

To receive information from the website, visitors can register online, by submitting data about themselves. Certain data is mandatory (e.g. name) and certain data is optional (e.g. telephone number).

Children’s data

We have services for under 18s, so we may ask your age.

Data on minors is never disclosed to third parties and we don’t send direct marketing fundraising literature to under 18s.

Under 13s should have permission from a parent or guardian before sending their information.

Online donations

To make an online donation by credit card or direct debit, you will be directed to a microsite hosted by the SPCA’s agent, iPay88.

The microsite is operated on behalf of and under contract to the SPCA.

Further information about the collection and use of the data will be provided on this microsite.
The site uses security features and encryption.

Data protection

You have a right to know about the personal data we hold on you and to object to the receipt of direct marketing or campaign information sent by us.

Cookie policy

Our policy accounts for our cookies not saving or storing personal information. We use cookies to improve user experience and collect information to enhance our understanding of the impact of our work. You can assess and control cookie use where possible and our use of cookies as a charity is an evolving process that we monitor and review.