Our volunteers help us in our efforts to bring compassion and kindness to animals.

Volunteering with SPCA Selangor

Pet Care Program (PCP)

If you are a first-time volunteer at SPCA Selangor, you will need to complete the Pet Care Programme (PCP) to gain a solid understanding of the work that we do at SPCA Selangor. This is a one-time training workshop that provides an orientation to the day-to-day volunteer work and education on responsible animal handling and shelter operations.

Through the PCP, you will learn about the safety precautions and operational procedures that we have in place in our animal shelter.

Once you complete the PCP, you can return to volunteer with us as many times as you want. The PCP is designed to accommodate community service or CSR needs. You can join alone or with a group. All are welcome.

To reserve your spot for the PCP session, please sign up using this link.

Volunteer Activities

After completing the Pet Care Program (PCP), we have various ways you can volunteer at SPCA such as:

  • On-site duties like housekeeping, animal socialisation, and dog-walking
  • Duties at events, pet expos, school fairs, and family events
  • Office duties with the Marketing and Fundraising (MARCOMM) department
internship spca

Internships with SPCA Selangor

Our internship programme is structured so that our interns can gain valuable experience while being involved in the various areas of our work.

This includes hands-on work with the animals, helping out at the reception desk, or working with the Marcomm department for events and fundraising.

The programme is available all year long, and we welcome students of any discipline who are keen on interning for 2 months or more.

For more information, please contact us via

03-4256 5312