The stray animals of Selangor are blessed with the support and participation of our beloved DYMM Tengku Permaisuri Selangor Tengku Permaisuri Norashikin, who has kindly consented to be the Royal Patron for STRAY FREE SELANGOR (SFS) – THE HUMANE AND COMPASSIONATE WAY. Selangor will be the first state in Malaysia to work towards an effective yet compassionate stray control programme.
STRAY FREE SELANGOR (SFS) – THE HUMANE AND COMPASSIONATE WAY has a vision of a home/habitat for every soul, focusing on Humane Education, High Volume Spay/Neuter, Government Lobbying for humane, effective and sustainable ways to curb stray populations.
The current preferred stray control method of CATCH-AND- KILL practiced by all Municipal Councils in Malaysia in an effort to reduce strays has proven to be highly ineffective, inhumane, unethical and expensive. In its place, the action plan of STRAY FREE SELANGOR (SFS) – THE HUMANE AND COMPASSIONATE WAY comprises:


Responsible Pet Ownership (RPO), DogCare Program and CatCare Program to be offered in schools, universities and residential communities.


Municipal Councils, DVS vets, private vets, rescuers and NGOs to collaborate and achieve high/spay neuter rates in communities.


Lobby for community animals, habitat for spayed/neutered non-aggressive stray dogs and spayed/neutered cat colonies, mandatory spay/neuter and mandatory RPO seminars for dog owners.

The impetus of STRAY FREE SELANGOR (SFS) – THE HUMANE AND COMPASSIONATE WAY is to work towards a radical change in the way Municipal Councils handle strays. CATCH-AND- KILL is ineffective because every time an area is cleared of stray dogs, a vacuum is created. New strays will inhabit the vacuum and the vicious cycle continues.
STRAY FREE SELANGOR (SFS) – THE HUMANE AND COMPASSIONATE WAY seeks to replace CATCH-AND- KILL with Humane Education and Awareness Roadshows to highlight Responsible Pet Ownership, the new Animal Welfare Act specifically Section 24 which lists the Duties of an Owner, and the importance of Spay/Neuter. An SFS fund has been created to provide subsidised spay/neuter for rescuers and the lower income group to assist in spaying and neutering their animals.
We also propose to create Caring and Compassionate Communities (CCC) for Safe Zones where spayed/neutered strays/community animals can live their life free from misery and capture. The CCC will be guided by SPCA guidelines in communities that are interested to embrace the Caring and Compassionate concept. Feeders must be educated on being responsible feeders by catching the strays they feed and spay/neuter them with our subsidized vouchers.
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