SPCA Selangor made headway with our Stray Free Selangor and Safe Stray Campaign when we met with the 12 Municipal Councils of Selangor yesterday! As the new Animal Welfare Act eventually comes into action, Section 56 states that office bearers of Municipal Councils will bear the consequences of their workers’ cruelty, if any, inflicted during stray dogcatching and other areas of stray control. Methods currently used are Catch-and-Kill, poisoning (although many do not admit it) and shooting (rarely occurs now) – all of which are inhumane, ineffective and unacceptable to animal-loving Malaysians.

While a task force will meet every month, it’s imperative that the Municipal Councils exhibit the political will to solve the overpopulation of stray companion animals and be a collaborative partner with SPCA Selangor, the Department of Veterinary Services and community carers to create Safe Stray areas in Caring Communities. A strong push to work on Education, Legislation and Sterilization will ensure the success of Stray Free Selangor. This will be a 10 year commitment and we hope we will make good headway up to 2025!