The Animal Welfare Act 2015 was gazetted on 29 December 2015, and is very close to being enforcable by law!
For the first time, Pet Owners will bear the responsibility of providing a suitable environment and diet and adequate housing and, willingly or unwillingly, inflicts unnecessary pain and suffering on their pet will be fined between RM15,000 – RM75,000 and/or to imprisonment of not more than 2 years. Repeat offenders will be fined again but twice the previous amount. Owners who keep their pets in small cages, left outside the compound, tied with short leashes and heavy chains, beaten or terrified will be brought to book!

Animal abusers will be fined between RM20,000 – RM100,000 and /or jail term up to 3 years.
Repeat offenders will be fined double the fines and a minimum 3 month jail term. Animal abusers can be individuals or body corporate. This means errant Municipal Councils can be charged and their office bearers too will bear that responsibility and be charged for inhumane treatment of stray animals.
From 7 offences in the Animal Ordinance 1953, this new Act defines an expanded 21 Cruelty offences.
Anyone who;

  • cruelly beats , kicks, overloads, tortures or terrifies any animals
  • overrides or overdrives any animal
  • fails or neglects to provide sufficient food, drink or shelter
  • fails to provide medical treatment or care that causes unnecessary pain or suffering
  • permits an animal to be confined, conveyed, lifted or carried in a manner that causes unnecessary pain or suffering
  • forces an injured, diseased, sick animal to work
  • physical mutilation unless certified by a vet authority or vet surgeon
  • skins, roasts or kills any animal for superstitious belief through procedure that causes pain and suffering
  • extracts any parts of live animals which causes pain and suffering
  • dynamites, electrifies or poisons any water body for the purpose of killing or catching any animal
  • keeps the animals on a short or heavy chain and restricting normal movement
  • keeps the animal in a small cage that prohibits natural movement
  • sells any ill treated and suffering animal
  • abandons an animal
  • allows an injured, diseased, disabled animal to go unattended and die
  • organises any sport or activity where the animal is subjected to cruelty
  • shoots to kill, unless authorized

will be prosecuted.
Watch this space for updates!