Love animals enough to be practical about it?
We’re looking to hire an Assistant Animal Welfare Officer (Events & Admin support) to help us move SPCA into a new era of animal welfare.
You’ll be expected to perform a variety of duties depending on your talents and how you fit into our current team.
Qualities we look for in our staff:

  • Versatile
  • Fast learner and willing to learn
  • People skills
  • Love animals
  • Positive attitude
  • Team player
  • Multi-lingual is a bonus
  • Administrative skills
  • An organised person
  • Must love to meet people

University degrees are favored. Experience not necessary; willingness to learn essential.
What you’ll get from us:

  • Since we have a small team, you’ll have five times as much responsibility as you would in a similar position in the US, Australia or UK.
  • You’ll gain a huge amount of experience in lots of different areas of animal welfare
  • Diverse environment with a strict non-discrimination policy. All we care about is how well you can help the animals!
  • Starting salary RM1800

Animal Welfare Officers are qualified, experienced animal handlers with a clear understanding of the vision/mission of the SPCA. A confident ability to handle a multitude of situations and take on multiple roles to support the welfare of animals. This includes:

  • Rescue and rehabilitation of animals
  • Handling both helpful and hostile people
  • Knowing their role as it relates to the law and government bodies
  • Education, promotion and fundraising

Animal Handling

  • The ability to understand a range of animal behaviours
  • Handling defensive, fearful, unruly and semi-wild animals
  • Be capable of a variety of animal ‘rescue’ techniques: netting, noosing, trapping, in a manner that creates maximum success with minimum stress to the animal.
  • Be capable of defining, explaining and demonstrating long term animal management, including: the health, training and daily care of common domestic pets; the support and long-term care of stray, feral and ‘loosely owned’ animals; and the support and care of wild animals in local environments.


  • Demonstrate a confident and articulate manner with all kinds of people, on the telephone, face to face and through written mediums
  • Work well as part of a team
  • Be capable of working on their own initiative, driving long and short term SPCA projects/events/programmes
  • Be supportive and positive towards other staff members, volunteers, visitors, and public
  • Deal with emotional/difficult people with a professional mixture of sympathy/understanding and confident strength.
  • Independent driver capable of multiple forms of transport
  • Ability to keep accurate records and follow programmes and standard operating systems as defined by the SPCA
  • Capable of working with all standard computer systems
  • Capable of handling a variety of social media portals
  • A working knowledge of the law as it relates to animal welfare.
  • An understanding of the role of the SPCA in its relations with Department of Veterinary Services (DVS), Health & Safety, licensing and council by-laws

Please send us your CV and cover letter at enquiries@spca.org.my, or call Lorna Fisher at 42565312 for more information.