We receive many requests for help from members of the public daily. We realize that many cannot afford to pay to vaccinate/ neuter their rescued animals, so we are starting a fund to cover these expenses and relieve their financial burden a little. If you are in a position to help, we would really appreciate it if you could sponsor a vax & spay for animals in need!
Vaccination for one rescued animal (RM30)
Vaccination & spaying
Female cat (RM120)
Female dog (RM180)
Donate now:

** In the Remarks field of the ipay88 donation form, please key in which package you are sponsoring e.g. ‘Vaccine & spaying, female dog x 2″ **
** All donations are tax-exempt, we will send you an official receipt within 2 weeks.**
** If your school, college, organisation or company would like to make a lump-sum donation to cover these services for more rescued animals, please drop us an e-mail at missionhelp@spca.org.my for further discussion. **
We are running this VAX & SPAY sponsorship campaign from 1 – 30 June 2015!