Our Animal Welfare Officers respond to reports from concerned members of the public of mistreated, neglected or injured animals in and around the Klang Valley.

In 2014, they received and followed up on 530 reports. In cases of mistreated or neglected pets, SPCA investigates the complaint, and will advice the owner on how to improve the living conditions for the pet. The officers will follow up on the case in the following weeks, and failure to improve the standard of living for the animal will result in the case being forwarded to the Department of Veterinary Services (DVS) for their attention and action. In severe or emergency situations, the DVS is notified immediately and a joint-rescue is initiated.

The Inspectorate also handle a variety of other tasks – they carry out emergency rescue operations for animals involved in accidents, stranded on rooftops/drains and also in various other states of distress. The officers also actively investigate and follow up on complaints of mistreatment or neglect of animals kept in zoos, horse riding facilities, farms and other recreational facilities. They also represent SPCA Selangor at meetings with local councils and the DVS on humane stray/pound management.

Cases we investigate
• Neglected/ abused pets
• Poisoned pets & stray animals
• Abandoned pets
• Emergency rescues
• Rescues from puppy mills
• Animals used in recreational facilities
• Wildlife in captivity

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