History & Mission

Neutering services has been a feature of the SPCA since Feb 1985, when the SPCA appointed our first veterinarian, Dr Abraham George, as Shelter Manager. We have grown from strength to strength since then, and in 2014 we changed focus from managing a large Shelter population of over 400 plus a monthly intake of close to a 600 animals (largely attributable to our open-door policy) whilst pushing very hard for adoptions from our Shelter, to keeping a manageable population of about 40 and a monthly intake of 60 to 100.

Our neutering program has now been outsourced, and we continue to assist rescuers and small Shelters operators through offering an affordable rescue adoption package (neutering, vaccination, parasite control, minor treatment, education) or neutering. Since 2003, we have neutered upwards of 40,000 cats and dogs in the Klang Valley and beyond!