Lobbying & Campaigns

Government lobbying and public campaigns doesn’t sound very exciting – yet if one thing is going to change the lives of animals in a big way this is it. If there is one thing that will drive our vision of a Stray-Free Malaysia it is this!

If animal welfare is to move forward in Malaysia, we need effective legislation, quality practices and sustainable solutions to the many challenges that we are facing. SPCA has always taken the stance that global standards of animal welfare can only be possible if all interested parties work together; government departments and local councils, animal-related businesses, animal-related professionals and the animal caring public all play a part if we are to see global standards of animal care. We put considerable effort into cultivating collaborative relationships and as a consequence we are given a voice in many government and public arenas.

SPCA’s vision of SFS (Stray -Free Selangor) focuses on effective legislation, high- volume, low-cost spay/neuter and RPO (Responsible Pet Ownership) education.

Animal Welfare Bill 2013
In 2014, SPCA Selangor, led by our Patron Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye, have actively communicated with the Department of Veterinary Services (DS) and the Attorney-General’s Chambers, specifically meeting the AG in June to facilitate the pending tabling of the new and comprehensive Animal Welfare Bill.

The first of its kind in Malaysia, this new Act will cover the improved treatment, transportation, and accommodation of all animals, from livestock, companion animals, wildlife, and animals in recreation and in research.

The Act also expounds the formation of an Animal Welfare Council where government and NGOs will meet regularly to assess the impact of the Act on animal welfare in Malaysia.
SPCA is delighted that this new Act is imminent having regularly pushed the DVS to author a new Act for over 2 decades.

Municipal Councils
SPCA met with has met with MP Selayang to help fine tune their spay/ neuter legislation and hopefully set up another Klinik Kembiri in their pound. We have also engaged MPPJ and MPSJ to work on collaborative community stray projects.

Trap-Neuter-Release-Manage (TNRM) has been proposed to municipal councils as an effective and sustainable effort to reduce stray dogs, pending community acceptance and participation. Small TNRM communities have been proposed by MBPJ and we look forward to working with these communities.

Professional Collaborations
SPCA has been lobbying VAM (Veterinary Association of Malaysia) and MSAVA (Malaysia Association of Small Animals Veterinary Association) to extend veterinarian help in a national network of ViPs (Vets in Participation) offering medical support to strays in their local communities. SPCA has also presented in both the Pan Commonwealth Veterinary Association and VAM’s conferences highlighting the work we have done with the rehabilitation and adoption of strays.

We work in close accord with both the Department of Veterinary Services (DVS) and wildlife Department (Perhilitan), following up on cases of abuse and neglect, visiting zoo’s and supporting Perhilitan in their efforts to eradicate the illegal trading of exotic animals.

In the future we look forward to developing networks of Best Practice Pet shops, Groomers, Dog Trainers, and boarding facilities to extend our reach in sustaining high standards of animal care and welfare.

Public Campaigns
We are supporting and driving public and community campaigns to bring attention to animal welfare issues;

2011 – Petition to the Prime Minister for a new Animal Welfare Act (40,000 signatures) 
2013 – Petition for new Animal Welfare Act, in collaboration with Body Shop (200,000 signatures) 
2014 – Hug a shark – Banning Sharks fin worldwide campaign (100,000 signatures)