Report An Animal In Distress

If this is an emergency, please call us at 42565312 (10am – 4pm Tuesday – Sunday, closed on Mondays).

If you have found an animal in distress that requires urgent attention outside our operating hours, here are some tips on what you can do!

If this is not an emergency, please fill in the form below.

Please provide accurate information in the form below. Incomplete forms or forms with inaccurate information will not be processed. If you prefer to speak to our staff and relay your report over the phone, please call us at 42565312 (10am – 4pm Tuesday – Sunday, closed on Mondays).

Our inspectors will attend to reports as soon as possible, but as we have so many cases being reported we will need to prioritize which ones we attend first based on the urgency/ severity of the cases.

All information will be kept confidential and will not be revealed to the offender. However, the authorities (Department of Veterinary Services, PERHILITAN, building management etc) may need to contact you to verify the case.