Lost & Found

Have You Lost Your Pet?

Please follow the following tips on looking for a lost pet.

  1. Search your property thoroughly – our pets can get into some strange places.
  2. A straying dog or puppy is easily caught by dog-catchers from your municipal council. Call your local municipal Vector Control Unit immediately to find out if they have conducted any dog-catching operations in your area, and where you can view their caught dogs. We cannot stress on how important it is that you contact and visit your municipal pound immediately, as caught animals are put to sleep anywhere between 24 hours-3 days of being caught. Do not delay.
  3. Also talk to your neighbours and other residents in your area. Write down a description of your lost pet and your phone number and leave it with them. Leave it attached to their door if they are not home.
  4. Call local veterinary offices or pet stores to find out if your pet was found and sent there. Pet stores should also be informed in case a captor tries to sell a stolen pet.
  5. Post lots of flyers in your neighbourhood, pet shops, vets, supermarkets, etc. Overall, flyers or posters produce more finds than anything else. Include details like the date and place the pet was lost, breed, age, sex, weight, colour and your contact details. However, do not put down your name or address on the flyer. Use a colour photograph if possible but leave out certain identifying marks to prevent scamsDon’t give up! Pets have been known to find their way back home after being lost for several months.
  6. Please also post up your ad on the Lost & Found section of www.petfinder.my, and also on our FB page – we will share it out.

    Having a dog licence does not mean that your dog is allowed to roam freely around the neighborhood without being accompanied by you. Dog-catchers are instructed to catch all dogs roaming freely, whether they are licensed or are wearing collars.

    Please support the SPCA’s efforts towards Responsible Pet Ownership. Set a good example and pass this information on to your friends, family, and community!