Adoption Procedure

  1. Visit the SPCA E.R.A Centre in Ampang Jaya and see the variety of animals available.
  2. You will be briefly interviewed by the SPCA staff to find out more about your experience with animals, residence & housing arrangements for the animal.
  3. Our Animal Welfare Officers will help you choose a pet suitable for your family, lifestyle and living environment.
  4. Enquire about the adoption fee and conditions for adopting the animal.
  5. Fill in the adoption form at the Front Desk, make the donation and take your pet home.
  6. For puppy and dog adopters, following the adoption an SPCA Animal Inspector will pay a friendly visit to your residence in the next few weeks to see how your new pet is settling in.
  7. Send us cute, happy photos of you and your new pet enjoying life together so we can feature it on our website, Facebook page and enewsletters!
  8. Bring your adopted pet back to our clinic for vaccinations and compulsory neutering.

Adoption Fees

  1. Adoption fees range from RM240 for cats (inclusive of first vaccination, de-worming, compulsory neutering, and a cat carrier), and RM350 for dogs (inclusive of 3 vaccinations, de-worming and compulsory neutering).
  2. It is SPCA’s policy to neuter all the animals that pass through our doors to help curb the overpopulation problem.
  3. All our adult animals are neutered before being released for adoption, however if you are adopting a kitten or puppy below 6 months old, you will be briefed on when to bring him or her back for the operation.


  1. Animals cannot be reserved over the telephone or via email.
  2. SPCA Selangor reserves the right to approve or reject an adoption request based on our discretion.
  3. SPCA Selangor may need to check the premises of the potential adopter prior to approving an adoption request.
  4. Adoption of an SPCA animal cannot be processed for anyone who is below the age of 18, or students who are not residing with their parents.

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