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Fostering gives animals that need extra care a higher chance to survive, and in general all animals a higher chance to find a forever home. In SPCA Selangor, we receive very young, ill and non-sociable animals from time to time. These animals need a lot of care before they are healthy and safe to be adopted, the period of time for the animal to take care by a fosterer is usually from 2 weeks to 2 months, depends on the condition of the animal.

Characteristics of each type of animal that needs fostering:

Young animals
Animals before 2 months old are very vulnerable to disease. They won’t be able to survive in SPCA, where we have a lot of animals turning over which will bring in disease. The foster parent needs to commit their time to the young animals as the animals need a lot of attention and have a frequent feeding schedule.

Sick and injured animals
Foster parents provide sick and injured animals with the additional time, medication, and space they need to recover. This may include time to recover from emotional, fear, or stress based situations that the animal may have encountered in the past.

Non- sociable animals
These animals might have gone through some bad experiences with human, such as abused. They are shy or maybe too scared to get in contact with human and other animals. A foster family of this kind of dog need to understand that the animal needs time and special people who can help them gain trust toward human again.

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